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Are you looking for more enquiries and sales from your website without spending heaps of time on it! We cut through the confusion and find your perfect solution. A solution that fits your lifestyle and brings business to you. Be relieved while we cover everything you need.

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Our job is to help business people grow not only their business, but help them achieve their dreams. Over the years, I’ve coached business owners all over Australia on website and online marketing topics. Here is what they have to say!

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We know you love having free resources and so why wouldn’t we give you what you love.  Download our free Online Marketing Checklist & Planner,  check out our latest blog articles or watch some great tutorials. Educate yourself today and improve your website presence with these great tips.

Latest Blog Articles

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    Finding Your Position in a Noisy Market

  • Positioning in marketing terms is basically people's opinion of you and your business, compared to other similar businesses. In marketing, we use techniques to influence these opinions. People like to categorise and they will have an opinion about you whether you like it not. Your job is to define your business in such a way that it influences your target… Continue Reading
  • sales and marketing

    Marketing is NOT Sales

  • There, I said it. In my opinion, as a marketing 'purist', the sales function of a business starts when a person enquires about a business's service or product. It stands to reason then, if you do not have a strong sales function in your business, your marketing will not be effective. Do Not Neglect your Business's Sales Function. With the… Continue Reading
  • mobile friendly test

    Is your website working for you? And everyone else?

  • You want your website to work for everyone, no matter who visits and what device they are using. Yet the device that visitors use can be anything from small mobile screen to an enormous digital TV. It can be a mobile phone, a tablet, a phablet, a laptop, a desktop computer or TV. It can be a variety of different… Continue Reading