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    Marketing Counts
  • A Flat Monthly Fee for all Your
    Social Media and Website Updates.
  • We’ll give you a
    Marketing Strategy
    That Works
    (And do it for you)
  • Need to be found on Google?
    SEO is ongoing and included in our packages
  • Want to attract more potential customers?
    Online Marketing Works
  • Do you know your
    target markets?
    that’s our specialty
  • Websites that work
    are user-friendly, mobile-friendly & content-friendly

Online Marketing Packages

Our Online Marketing Packages are designed for small to medium businesses. Including your customised marketing strategy, online marketing audit, marketing set-up and updating, search engine optimisation (SEO), ongoing website updates, social media management, copy-editing, content marketing and up to two newsletters per month. It is everything you need for your small business to thrive.

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Small Business Marketing Consulting

Do you have a small business? Whether its a micro-business, a home-based business and any small to medium business, our consulting services are designed just for you. Megyn Carpenter has worked with a variety of small businesses for many years. She is results focussed and has the skills and know-how to hone in and prioritise what you need for your business to grow.

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Marketing Training and Coaching

Check out our Blog articles for a wealth of marketing information and the latest marketing tips and updates. Rejuvenate Marketing can coach groups or individuals and show you how you can do your own marketing that is a proven result-focussed system. If you are wanting to get ahead in your marketing career or learn how to be an online marketing manager we can show you how.

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