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marketing positioning stand out

Finding Your Position in a Noisy Market

Positioning in marketing terms is basically people’s opinion of you and your business, compared to other similar businesses. In marketing, we use techniques to influence these opinions. People like to categorise and they will have an opinion about you whether …

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sales and marketing

Marketing is NOT Sales

There, I said it. In my opinion, as a marketing ‘purist’, the sales function of a business starts when a person enquires about a business’s service or product. It stands to reason then, if you do not have a strong …

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Megyn's new glasses

More sales using accessibility

  After squinting at one too many nutritional panels on food packages and regularly clicking on the zoom button, I succumbed to the fact I needed to see about my eyes. Getting glasses has made me rethink how people use …

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Do you shine online?

Think about how you buy products and services. Do you check out businesses online first?  If their website is poorly designed and difficult to use and they haven’t been active on social media recently, do you hit the ‘back’ button …

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blogging website blog post

I’m putting up a blog on my blog

That sounds a little odd but technically it is correct terminology. Recently I was asked “What’s a blog?” and realised there are numerous meanings and interpretations. A blog can be type of website. Or part of a website. Or it …

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target marketing, online marketing for business

Defining Your Target Markets

The most crucial part of successful target marketing is properly defining your target markets. We recommend that businesses have 5-7 clear target markets. Broad target markets like ‘small businesses’, ‘mums’ or ‘males’ don’t work as well as clearly defined target …

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Linking Good Habits With Success

Craig Harper’s presentation at the Why Fitness launch, was full of great tips for success. Craig’s years of experience as a successful business owner, trainer, coach, change-agent and his up-front style left us in no doubt about his message. The …

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Why your marketing blurb is SO important!

  Ever wonder what hooks us to buy THAT book, go see THAT movie, attend THAT function or click on THAT website link? More than likely it is the marketing blurb that has caught your interest. Designed to either entice, …

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Directory Listings Boost Your Business Online

There is another way to boost your online rankings and increase traffic to your website – Online Directories! These are often overlooked as the not-so-sexy cousins of social media stars like Facebook and Twitter. Online directories are the work-horses of …

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