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Call to Actions on websites and social media

Making the Most of Call To Actions

Your website is one of your most important business assets. You own your website. You get to choose exactly what you have on your website, how it looks and what it says. But that’s the problem. 

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P’s of Marketing: Promotion

Having considered your basic ‘Ps’, like Product, Price, Purpose and Position, it’s time to look at Promotion. That refers to how you manage your promotions and communications, and includes things like advertising, sales promotions, PR, and direct marketing. For as …

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P’s of Marketing: Polish

Don’t for one minute think that once your online marketing strategy is created, you can just sit back and relax. If only life was that simple! In some ways, formulating your strategy is just the beginning. Without Polish, its shine …

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P’s of Marketing: Place

Our next ‘P’ is Place – the place where you sell your products or services. The theory that if you build it, people will come, is not always correct. It is more effective to place yourself where those people shop. …

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P’s of Marketing: People

Why are People one of the most important ‘Ps’ on your list? Because without them, you wouldn’t have a business! ‘People’ refers to your staff and your customers. And how you choose them and care for them will have a …

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P’s of Marketing: Packaging

Are you surprised to see Packaging so high up the list of ‘Ps’? That’s a reflection of how customer expectations have changed over the last few years. There are several reasons why packaging is so important: FIRST IMPRESSIONS: You have …

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P’s of Marketing: Price

One of the hardest tasks in business is to put a dollar value on what you do. Yet Price is one of the most crucial ‘Ps’ in your Online Marketing Strategy. Pricing a service is harder than pricing a product, …

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