rejuvenation 2Let’s get back to basics. Your business website is one of your most important business assets. It’s the front door for your potential customers to come through. It makes sense to focus on continually improving your website.

Every business and online strategy is different. A consultant or speaker may give value with an informative site, making use of video and images. A local service business e.g. a hairdresser may have a word of mouth, social media strategy with monthly specials to bring people into the salon. A product business that can freight or drop-ship anywhere in Australia may be an informative site describing ways to use their product, the benefits and latest industry news. Focus on your target markets and how they like to buy.

One way you can improve your search results is to put your best search terms or keyword phrases into your content, and image text. Think of your website as home-base. When people are looking to research or buy, they search on the internet. Or they ask via word-of-mouth or social networking. If they find your business, they come to your website. With online marketing and search engine optimisation your business can be found and ‘short-listed’.
Your website content is crucial. If you listen to the news, the main point is first then the detail. Use that format when writing your website content. Writing content is not the easiest, but one of the best ways you can improve your website. It’s an art and a science. A balance between writing for your target markets and the search engines. No one wants to read through long pages of text, however the search engines love it!

The onus is on you to continually improve your website and online marketing. With a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, you have the ability to add, edit and delete content yourself. Modules and plug-ins can be added to your site e.g. an eNewsletter system.

Think about the ‘call to action’ on your website. Do you want potential customers to email you, phone you or buy your product online? If you want them to email you, your email address should be on every page to reduce the risk of ‘clicking off’ your website.

The use of clear menu names, simple navigation, obvious headlines and consistent layout all contribute to a user-friendly website. When people are looking through your website, they are on a mission to see if your product or service can solve their issue. They want to quickly get a feel for your business and what you have to offer.
Investing in your website and online marketing will reap rewards and help to grow your business and be more profitable.

Now we all want that, don’t we?

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