blogging website blog postThat sounds a little odd but technically it is correct terminology. Recently I was asked“What’s a blog?” and realised there are numerous meanings and interpretations.

A blog can be type of website. Or part of a website. Or it can be a article. Or a short comment.

You could use the term ‘blog articles’ when referring to content, but you could say ‘blog post’ or simply ‘post’.

The determining factor of a blog versus a website is the date stamp and the ability for people to comment about the blog article.

A blog needs a voice and a style. People need to know what is this person or this business all about. Understand that the tone of your writing plays a role in positioning you in the eyes of the readers.

Blog posts can be as simple as a short comment with a link to another web page, blog or website. Or they could be a long article that took many hours to compile that is highly researched, approved and copy-written to within an inch of its life.

Anyhow, the point is that communication is important and clarifying meaning when talking about blogging is critical so that everyone’s on the same page, er blog, oh you know what I mean.

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Happy blogging!

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