With a wealth of opportunity in marketing online today, how do you create a winning online marketing game plan? What’s the magic recipe for successful online business? Firstly decide “What does winning mean?” All business owners want to grow their business and increase profits. However success will have a different meaning to everyone. Start with the end in mind. Secondly, define the boundaries and rules of the game. Determine your resources available for online marketing. How much time and money you will spend. Will you outsource? This is a critical factor in your success. You want to make the most of the resources you have available. It’s easy to go wild and come up with an enormous amount of ideas to promote a business online.

Here are a few online marketing ideas:

– Website articles with valuable non-sales information

– Use Linked In projects – Using Twitter to link to an information page on your website

– Instagram photo competition

– Facebook sale only available for a few hours

– Series of video how-to’s

– Podcasts about After you list your ideas, its time to get real and figure out what’s achievable with your available resources.

If you allocate a number of hours and budget a certain amount of money per week to your online marketing, you need a game plan so you can aim to win. Remember that marketing is all about measuring. The trick is to determine which online marketing ideas will give you the most value. Ideally you want to use promotions that are low on resources to produce and have high appeal to your target markets. If a series of videos is going to take lots of time and money and you have a target market that have don’t have the best broadband speed, then a video series may not be the best option.

If you enjoy writing and have valuable knowledge about your industry, products and services, then writing articles for your website could be a good choice. And if you have various links on your marketing channels bringing people back to your website, all the better. This is especially true if your target market is hungry for knowledge.

Every online business needs a content strategy. If you decide that you need more content on your website and your target markets have a need for it BUT you’re not a writer, then you may decide to outsource your copy-writing. The way to have a winning online marketing game plan is to play by the rules, set goals and play within your capacity.

Looking ahead is the way to stay on top of your game. And make sure you know when you have won!


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