target marketing, online marketing for businessThe most crucial part of successful target marketing is properly defining your target markets. We recommend thatbusinesses have 5-7 clear target markets.

Broad target markets like ‘small businesses’, ‘mums’ or ‘males’ don’t work as well as clearly defined target markets. There is too much variety in broad target markets like ‘small businesses’.

A good example of well-defined target market is a female small business owner, aged 30-50 in the South East Qld region, with young children, interested in health and nutrition and motivated to be healthy.

If you give this target market the buyer persona name ‘Tania’, it can help you visualise what would appeal to Tania, the representative of this target market.

Your target markets need to be defined so that:

  • Decisions you make in target marketing are easier and more effective.
  • You have a real understanding of what your target markets want, and can ensure this is reflected in your online marketing.
  • It makes it easier to understand which social media platforms your target markets are using such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google +.
  • You can visualise your target markets and what would appeal to them.
  • We recommend giving a person’s name to each target market to help visualise them. You know where to focus your online marketing efforts.

So just how do you define your target markets or buyer personas? Find out as much as you can about the potential target markets including:

  • gender
  • age range
  • occupation type
  • income range
  • where they live
  • family situation
  • behaviour and interests
  • motivations and goals

Talking to your customers and recording information about customer purchases is a great way to get to know them.

By clearly defining a target market that is large enough to have enough potential buyers, it makes it much easier to make online marketing decisions such as which social media platforms to focus on and what to write about on your blog.

Ask the question ‘What would appeal to Tania?” (and your other buyer personas). Everything you do in your business, through your social management and website, is for your target markets. If you attract people or businesses outside of your target market who want to buy from you, well that’s a bonus!

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