content_is_king_a1At this time of year you may be taking some much needed time out with family, or it may be a busy time for your business. You may be reflecting on your business and website and don’t know where to start. Start with the most important aspect of your website – your content! Your text content needs to be written with the right messages for your target markets, knowing what will appeal to them and written for search engines so your target markets can find your site.

Your content needs to be educational, persuasive with call-to-action in some areas and and non-promotional in other areas. It should be fresh and updated regularly. You need to manage content in your marketing channels like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, directory listings and in print and other media! And with the recent changes to the Google search algorithm your content needs to be original to improve results.

Not only does content need to be well-written it needs to be entertaining as well! “How am I supposed to do all that AND work my business?” I hear you say. Suddenly we are all writers and publishers. Is it any wonder business owners don’t know where to turn? I have a wall plaque in the kitchen “Mums Rules For All”. They are 1) Smile 2) Listen to others 3) Be helpful 4) Be nice to one another and 5) Always say Please and Thank you. Those family values can be applied to business in this age of social media. Building your profile is becoming imperative for business.

Here is how you can enhance your website and social media with a ‘profile building’ web page. The technical term is “pull-marketing”. It should not contain self-promotional wording (counter-intuitive, I know). The idea is to build trust and credibility, giving valuable and helpful information about your industry, products or services.

Write a “Profile Building” web page:

1) Pick a topic that you have expertise in relating to your business.

2) Think about what information would be helpful to your customers relating to this topic. List 2 or 3 dot points.

3) Write a draft paragraph for each dot point. One of your paragraphs could be a quote to support your point.

4) Find an image or two relating to your topic and save as web sized images.

5) Decide on a descriptive and obvious page heading with keywords (use as your page Title Meta Tag) and a sub-heading for each dot point (use as Heading 1 in your website).

6) Finalise content and publish text and images to your website with a unique URL (web address).

7) Post the page link to your marketing channels.

Oooh I can feel the love!


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