Here’s a shout-out to the online champions of business! The web designers, marketing agencies, online marketers, coaches and social media people and anyone that handles the businesses website or social media content. Not to forget the business owner who’s trying to do it all themselves. They need to know everything there is to know about the latest and greates online tools and techniques AND intimately know the business, it’s goals and the business owner’s ‘voice’. There is more pressure than ever to use the internet to build your business.

Essentially business owners are being told that you’ll be left behind if you don’t effectively communicate online. Business owners are being told you need:

• to use the internet effectively to promote their business

• a website that looks great, says all the right things and targets the right markets

• a website that is easy to use, encourages people to make enquires and purchase

• to use social media and marketing channels actively

• to engage with potential customers online in conversations and build trust with them

• to build relationships online and spend time nurturing those relationships

• to be on Page 1 in the search engines, for the products and services they sell

Not only that, but you need to manage your online reputation and be aware of how your business is perceived online. Today websites, online marketing and social media channels are more complex. The options and value of the various channels are constantly changing and there are many of them to manage. Business owners know this. You know that you need to create a great website, that you need to be communicating in social media and have all your marketing channels set up and active. You know you need effective online to grow your business and achieve your dream of a successful business. There is pressure to save money by doing all you can yourself. But you soon encounter the conflicting opinions about the best ways to us social media and marketing channels and the thousands of options available for your website. Business owners spend hours researching on the internet to understand all the options available. You know the end result you want, but sorting through the myriad of options available and implementing them becomes frustrating and time consuming. With a focus on your business and your dreams, you keep going and you get there.

Helping businesses survive and thrive online in a complicated environment is not easy. I say the people that help businesses succeed online AND business owners are champions! So give your online marketer a hug! If they’re online, give them a virtual hug. And while you’re at it, give yourself a BIG HUG!


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