Linking habits to successCraig Harper’s presentation at the Why Fitness launch, was full of great tips for success. Craig’s years of experience as a successful business owner, trainer, coach, change-agent and his up-front style left us in no doubt about his message.

The thing that struck me was the link between good habits and success and why NOT to rely on motivation to achieve your goals.

Decide what it important to you and where you want to be or what you want to have, your goals. Then decide what it takes to get there. Don’t rely on motivation to keep going.

Make it a non-negotiable habit. The question to ask is “To have a great business or a great body or a great whatever, what is non-negotiable?” Then take these non-negotiables and make them a habit.

For achievement you need be consistent. By having a habit, it becomes part of your day, your week, your lifestyle. It’s not something you do in a burst and then lose the incentive. Its a choice. But its not always easy. Easy is rarely effective.

There is no best program that suits all of us. There is a bunch of variables including age, body type, commitments, lifestyle etc. Ask the question “What is the best program for me with these variables”.

Here is Craig’s list of attributes of people who achieve success.
1. High performers find a way to get the job done.
2. Have an accountability system – a system or person that helps you create the results you want.
3. Decide what is success for us – it’s unique to you.
4. Ask better questions. How do you ask better questions? Good question.
5. Be committed to the behaviours, principles and strategies that will get you to where you want to be. Commitment is an ‘all the time’ mindset and non-negotiable.
6. Be open to new beliefs. Lots of beliefs limit us.
7. Be adaptable. Learn to do new things. Growth occurs when we do new things.
8. Learn to shut off over-thinking. mmm, I’ll think about that one.
9. Have an attitude of gratitude. Your perspective changes when you focus on the positive.
10. Don’t be a people pleaser. Be kind but say no to things you are not aligned with.

Craig’s final bit of advice is not to change too many things at once. If you try to do too many things, you do a lot of things not very well. Decide what is important to you and make a habit of the non-negotiables to achieve your goals.


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