make-money-onlineWell then‚ my website’s up, I’m working my Facebook business page, my LinkedIn profile is looking good and I even have it feeding through to Twitter. Just need to investigate this Pinterest thing and I’m laughing! Ok, I’m all set, now I just need to wait for the sales to come, right? Well, actually…..sales don’t just come to you. You have to work it, baby! Online marketing brings prospects to your door (or inbox or phone).

Often if you get your marketing right, sales become easier. But online (or digital) marketing is only the first step in the sales process. As soon as you receive an enquiry, at that moment, your sales process takes over. What do you do with prospects who make an enquiry with you? Do you have a system that ensures they don’t slip through the cracks? Make sure you take advantage of all that hard work you have put into your online marketing with a solid sales process. As part of your sales process, you could add them to your database, your newsletter and your diary to follow them up. You could even go ‘old school’ and give them a call! Selling online can be either direct or indirect. Direct sales online are easy to measure and often product based and price driven. Indirect sales start when somebody makes an enquiry about your products or services. And its up to you to make the sale happen.

There may be a number of contacts or ‘touch-points’ with your business before a prospect decides to buy or is ready to buy. What are the touch-points that your prospects have with your business before a sale is made? They may see your website, your social media updates, in person or in your advertising. They could hear your voice on the phone or in a video or podcast. They get a feeling about the type of business you are by the tone, look and feel of your website and social updates or shopfront. What other touch-points do you have? Ensure each touch-point gives a consistently branded message and it is how you would like to be perceived. Online marketing is just the beginning, you still need to work your prospects and convert them into customers.

Make sure there is a balance between your marketing and sales efforts. A disproportionate amount of time spent on marketing could leave your prospects feeling unloved so they could go elsewhere. If you are proud of your services and products and they provide value for your customers, then don’t be afraid to ask for the sale.

Go on, you can do it! You deserve to grow your business and you can’t do that without bringing in the moolah!


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