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Let’s get clear on why you have a business website – to make money, right? How do you meet the financial goals for your website? It comes back to setting and tracking your website goals. Do you know how to measure and assess your website goals? Do you even have goals for your website?To understand how to achieve these goals and therefore make money, specific goals that feed into your overall business strategy are a necessity.

Overall or long term goals of business websites could be:

  • ƒ  generate sales enquiries
  • ƒ  gain subscription sign-ups for  future communications
  • ƒ  make online sales
  • ƒ  engage with potential customers and encourage social media interaction
  • ƒ  help and educate with non- sales information
  • ƒ  provide information about products, services, you and your business
  • ƒ  indicate your brand through visual design, images and video and the tone of your copywriting.

Using your overall goals and website goals wisely helps you focus on

the content and design of your

web pages. It will help you decide how much you allocate to your visual design, how you display and promote your business products and services, and how you communicate with customers via social media.

For each of your selected overall goals, give a percentage based on their importance.

Your website may be focused on sales enquiries or you may have an e-commerce site, so online sales would be the most important goal; therefore, you would give that a higher percentage. If you have a business where branding or client education

is important, then you would make these particular percentages higher.

A lead generation website may allocate these overall goal percentages:

  • ƒ sales enquiries 45%
  • ƒ engage with customers 20%
  • ƒ subscription sign-ups 15%
  • ƒ services and business info 10% ƒ
  • branding 10%

Now you know how important each of your overall goals are, you can decide how much time, effort and money to invest in achieving each of these goals.

As your website, social media and other marketing channels are being set up or refined, set up website analytics goals using Google Analytics or another analytics program.

Assigning goal values to your goals in your analytics program is a great way to discover how your website is travelling and to link these goals to your overall business strategy.

To do this, assign a dollar amount to the conversion of a website goal. In analytics terms a website goal can be when a page is viewed by a visitor, visits over or under a set duration of time, or pages per visit (or screens per visit for apps). Another type

of website goal is when a visitor triggers a certain event, e.g. a social recommendation.

Think of your analytics as retrospective reports that will give you amazing information over time. Similar to your accounting

reports, it’s after the event that the report can show you how to improve. Keep focusing on your overall goals – you don’t have time to manage insignificant data.

If you’re working your website goals, your website will work for you!


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