imagesStory telling has always played a huge role in human society. We relate to each other through stories. By sharing your business stories, you can build relationships and trust with your community. You can inspire people to take action as a result of the emotional connection they have with you and your business. Think about the repeatability of your stories. This is especially important for your business’s brand story. Sit down and think about how your business was started and why. Be able to tell this story at a moment’s notice and make sure every member of your team knows your business story.

For Anna, this process wasn’t easy. She knew why her coaching design business started and why she was driven to succeed, however she didn’t think other people would find it interesting and couldn’t see the relevance in sharing. She was fascinated by the internet and had always searched for understanding and knowledge of its changing facets. But for many years she didn’t get the support or guidance she needed to grow her business. Anna felt alone on her journey in an industry where the goal posts were, and still are, constantly changing. She asked herself many times ‘why am I doing this?’ It would have been much easier to close the business and go and get a ‘real’ job as her (ex) husband often told her. But she was driven. She wanted to be the support and guidance for other small business owners that she didn’t have. Anna knew how important that support was, for people to guide her and believe in her and her business. You can tell your stories in a variety of ways online. Remember to be human and keep it real.

Your ‘About Us’ page is often the last page customers scan through before contacting you or making a purchase decision. Enhance this page with quality photos of your team and environment, talk about how and why your business started and any community events you’re involved with.

Other ways to tell stories:

– A website page on the way you work and how people benefit.

– Record 30-second videos of your team saying hello and describing their role

– Use the LinkedIn project feature to describe client projects

– Tell stories about your customers and their achievements. Inspire and reward them for sharing their stories

– Share photos, images, graphics and infographics on your social media that tell a story.

– Create a website page telling the story behind your services and products and why you created them or stock them.

Your business stories can be differentiating factors between your business and others. This is especially true in a competitive environment if you have a similar offering, why would a customer choose you over the next business? They look at your story.


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