Sell the sizzle! Ever wonder what hooks us to buy THAT book, go see THAT movie, attend THAT function or click on THAT website link?

More than likely it is the marketing blurb that has caught your interest. Designed to either entice, excite, create, marketing blurbs sell you the sizzle.

A must for online marketing, marketing blurbs give just enough information about the product that leave you wanting to experience, taste, explore, pursue and sometimes even question what you think and believe. It’s all about getting your target market to become involved on an emotional level so they take that next step in buying your product/service, phoning your or clicking through on a link for more information.

The marketing blurb idea is to answer the question your potential client’s question “Why should I buy it?” or “How can this help me?” Don’t give them too much information so they don’t need to buy your product/service, keep it short and punchy, sell your product’s uniqueness and make it clear what you have to offer.

A marketing blurb doesn’t advertise your product/service as much as advertises what your client will receive. Remember to appeal to your various target markets. Different aspects of your products and services will appeal to different target markets – make sure you give them what they want in your marketing blurb and they are likely to buy from you!


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