The Best Things Online are Free!

With so many pressures on family budgets, using free online tools for your business makes sense. Online tools including social media, websites, email, apps, search engines, videos, podcasts and information resource sites can all be used or consumed for FREE! Well….kind of. Free online tools still cost you time, broadband and to some extent, your privacy.

As a business owner, your most precious assets are your time, your health and your knowledge. A business owner that has little time, poor health and doesn’t keep up to date and make connections in their industry either burns out or their business fails.

Achieving success with your business means balancing what you do with your time and looking after yourself. You are the greatest asset to your business so it makes sense to take care of yourself and your health to ensure you are in the best shape to continue to grow your business.

Be ferociously protective of your time and avoid time thieves. Being selective and saying no to certain requests for your time is essential. Task management is more important than ever.


Here’s a proven way to manage tasks:

Firstly, check your diary or calendar for appointments and determine how much work time you have available for tasks. Using a spreadsheet, enter the time available and make a note of anything that needs to come from others.

List your tasks, estimating how many minutes for each task. Next allocate an A or B to each task. A’s must be done today, B’s can be done if you complete all the A’s. If tasks come up during the day, these can be added as C’s. Total the minutes column.

Micro-managing tasks is a sure way for task management to go out the window. Keep your task descriptions as broad as they can be, eg. “Pay bills”. Your other systems will tell you which bills need to be paid and when.

Make sure you block out ‘Me Time’ for doing what you love, exercising and relaxing. This is so important for your health and being on top of your game. One idea for keeping moving during the day is to have ‘dance breaks’. Get up from your desk and dance to your favourite music for a couple of minutes at regular times during the day. Okay, that might be tricky in an office, shop or site full of people. But for all you home-based business owners working alone, go for it, because you can!

And now, here’s the key to planning your tasks…calculate 60% of your total time available and adjust your tasks and priorities so they fit into this time. If you plan for 60% of your time available, any time blow-outs are allowed for and you may be achieve more than what you planned to do! This takes the pressure off and you’ll get a sense of achievement from ticking off that list!

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