ZzooshWe know dressing to impress is not simply popping on a fascinator! Ladies have to choose and coordinate their outfit, hair, makeup, accessories, handbag and shoes! By dressing up your website and making it attractive you may find visitors stay longer and are more likely to enquire or buy from you. It makes sense to freshen up your website. In a matter of seconds your website visitors are summing up whether they want to do business with you. Consistency and coordination are important for design appeal. What impression you are giving? If a website is too ‘designed’ your business may look expensive. If there’s not enough thought in the design, it may not appeal to potential customers. For example if targeting a ‘Tradesman aged 35-55 on the Sunshine Coast with his own business’ then sunny, outdoor or surf images and blues and greens may appeal.

Cascading style sheets (CSS) are where you can change the style for different aspects of your website such as colour and font size, much like Styles in Microsoft Word. The template design industry has exploded with an enormous variety of designs available. A template design that can be adjusted is a cost-effective alternative to a fully customised design. Keeping your content ‘fresh’ is good for your website visitors and the search engines. To help manage your content updates, select pages for updating on a regular basis. Other pages may not need updates as often and can be written with that in mind. Colours have meanings and help to communicate your brand messages. When choosing colours remember that only ‘web-safe’ colours look similar in various browsers. That lovely gold you selected could look like a tardy mustard in a different browser. There is an ‘ugly website’ argument where people ignore unappealing design if the website is functional, but why take the risk? Design appeal includes not having distracting sounds or movements or clashing colours on screen or other potential enticements to hit the ‘back’ button.

Using video adds interest. You could take a short video on your mobile, put it on YouTube and add the YouTube code to your website. You could add an RSS feed from Facebook or your blog so the content appears in your website automatically. Add a variety of links and points of interest to each page. You could have various menus at the top, side or bottom, links on images like ‘Free eBook’, links to social media, ‘read more’ links.

How much effort do you put in to get people to visit your website? After you build and launch your website, you put your web address everywhere, promote it online and in everything printable and tell everyone about it. Make it worthwhile with an appealing and impressive website.

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