Sharing social media posts.

It’s a massive mistake not to have shareable content online. As a marketer, I am constantly looking for content to share on behalf of my clients. It could be a blog article, an image or a web page. The content I look for must be shareable and pass the ‘shareable test’.

The Benefits of Your Content Being Shared

Having your content shared by others on social media is gold for your marketing. It increases the reach and number of people who potentially view your content (not to mention fabulous Search Engine Optimisation). With more people viewing your content, there is more chance that people will buy from you. But there is another important facet to having your content shared. If someone chooses to share your content, it is like a vote of confidence in you. It’s a stamp of credibility and support for you, your brand and your business.

Do you Have Published Sharable Content?

Firstly, let me ask, do you have any of these on your website:
• Blog articles,
• Interesting images including inspirational quotes, or
• Informative generic web pages.

What to Avoid to Encourage Sharing.

Sales Content
If you want to encourage your blog or web page content to be shared, it can’t be too ‘salesy’. A pure sales page for your product or service will have 0% of being shared, unless someone else is an affiliate or wanting to help sell your products and services. Content should have a clear Call to Action and preferably at the end. But it should not have lots of sales information throughout the content as it will be dismissed as ‘they are just trying to sell me something’.

A webinar is hard to share. I’ve seen some fantastic headlines for information, thinking this would be perfect to share on my client’s social media, only to click through to a webinar link. If there is great webinar content and it has been recorded and uploaded to YouTube and/or your website or other platform, the link to the recording can be shared. It’s not a great option for sharing as people don’t generally make the time to view a recorded webinar unless it is absolutely relevant, they know and like the presenter and it is the right timing for them. Webinars definitely have their place and can create dedicated followers, however they are generally not good for sharing.

Long Video Content
Consider the length of your videos along with the context of the video and it’s purpose. Videos intended for Facebook or Instagram sharing are generally best to be quite short. On the other end of the scale, tutorial videos on YouTube (and/or your website) can be an hour or more. Generally the shorter the better and all videos need to get to the point quickly. If you have lots of video content, consider cutting into shorter lengths and making them a series of videos. Or simply recording shorter videos. Remember your audience may not have fast internet or they simply don’t tend to play videos. So your messages may not get through to a whole section of your target market.

So what makes content shareable?

Valuable Information
If you willingly provide valuable information about an aspect of your industry, that content is highly sharable. People will like to help their customers and colleagues by offering them helpful information, particularly if they don’t have to create the content from scratch.

Being the Authority, Expert or Influencer in Your Field
If you are considered an authority and produce high quality, consistent content then people are more likely to share your content.

Meaningful Images
Whether it is a beautiful photo, a funny image, something unusual or an inspirational quote, having meaningful images in a shareable format will encourage others to share.

Viral Content
Don’t count on your content going viral. In fact, don’t even plan for it. Viral content is generally an image or video that is so out there, fascinating or funny that huge numbers of people share it. If you happen to capture something that could ‘go viral’, then publish it if it is consistent with your branding, but don’t go searching for that one viral post that will send your content into the stratosphere. Not as exciting, but as a business owner you don’t have time to chase viral content. You’re much better off focussing on publishing good quality, consistent content.

Don’t Forget the Share Buttons

Make it super easy on your website for people to share your content with Share Buttons. There are various social media platform buttons you can include or not include. Just make sure the share buttons don’t cover your content or make it harder to read.

Ask for the Share

If you’re wanting people to share your content, either in social media or from your website, then don’t forget to ask them to share. There will be a proportion of your website that you wouldn’t expect to be shared, but for all the other sharable pages, encourage it! Remember, sharing is caring and people will appreciate their content being shared.

Oh, by the way, if you like this article, please share 🙂

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