REJUVENATE MARKETING PACKAGINGAre you surprised to see Packaging so high up the list of ‘Ps’? That’s a reflection of how customer expectations have changed over the last few years.

There are several reasons why packaging is so important:

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: You have about 30 seconds to catch your customer’s eye. Even the smallest tweak to your packaging can affect customer numbers. In those few seconds you need to stand out, convey what the product does, and prove that your product is the best choice.

Let’s say your product is on a shelf with other similar products. What makes you stand out? Colour? Size? Typography? Colour is a science, as the brain reacts differently to certain hues. White is seen as safety and purity; light blue is fun; dark blue is professional, and so on.

One-third of a consumer’s decision-making is based solely on packaging – The Paper Worker

ESTABLISHING YOUR BRAND: Is your packaging memorable and recognisable? Once it is, resist changing it every five minutes. Recognisable brands give consumers confidence, and makes shopping easier.

When designing your packaging, make sure it appeals to your demographic. And remember, packaging doesn’t have to be expensive to look chic.

MAKE A STATEMENT: Using environmentally-friendly packaging – and promoting the fact – makes a statement about your product and your business. It shows care, intelligence and responsibility. This fact alone could sway a sale.

52% of shoppers globally make purchase decisions based partially on whether the packaging is eco-friendly – Nielsen

A mistake many businesses make is lack of continuity. Your website, business cards, packaging, uniforms (if applicable), advertising, and so on, should all be designed at the same time, to develop your brand. Wherever potential customers are looking, it should be easy for them to spot your brand.

Your packaging needs to be sturdy enough to protect your product, but as minimal as possible to convey care for the environment. It should be representative of the product – and possibly even part of the product-buying experience.

Remember, as a child, the excitement of opening your Christmas presents and seeing what was in the box? It’s like that, but for shoppers! It’s called the ‘unboxing experience’. And the more it feels like a gift, the more your customer will love it.

And remember, the best product in the world can be ruined by inappropriate packaging. Equally, the most expensive packaging won’t make a poor quality product better!

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